10 Tips To A Healthier YOU

10 Tips To A Healthier YOU

Being healthy is a lifestyle change, so start making changes!

By Angela Bekiaris

April is Health Awareness Month, so were sharing some ways you can stay slim, trim, and oh-so-healthy – which in turn means happy and content. Yes, thats right fad diets are so last season. It’s time to make some serious lifestyle changes – because being healthy and happy is all about a lifestyle change, not a new exercise regimen which will disappear in a month or so. Make the changes you need to get healthy and stay healthy – and smile as you see great results, all day, every day!

10 Tips To A Healthier You

  1. Take stock – get a handle on your life status. Make appointments with your doctor and dentist, assess your activity, keep a food diary, measure your height and weight.
  2. Put out fires – if you know you have a chronic health issue, treatment is priority.
  3. Move more – yes that means off the couch and getting your heart rate up a bit. Go for a walk, run, hike… join a class, put in a fitness DVD. We don’t care – we just want you active and happy.
  4. Upgrade your diet – eat more fruits and vegetables, less snacking, skip the guilt, plan your meals, eat slowly and savour your meals, focus on portion control.
  5. Manage stress – develop personal coping skills, meditate, find ways to handle very stressful situations. Keep a journal, volunteer… and don’t forget to breath.
  6. Sleep better – no more TV before bed, enjoy a long, hot bath before you hit the pillow, avoid exercise before bedtime, set a regular sleep schedule, avoid sugary drinks or ones with caffeine.
  7. Improve your relationships – stay away from negative people, and make time for good friends and close family. Get out there, socialise, spend time with those who matter, build face-to-face relationships – and get help if any of your close relationships are in trouble.
  8. Challenge your mind – stimulate your brain, stay in the know, stay aware and participate in activities that involve other people.
  9. Quit smoking – you will feel and look healthier in no time. Plus you’re avoiding health problems later on.
  10. Cut down on drinking – enjoy a social drink when need be, but avoid alcohol on a daily basis. This not only causes health problems, but ages you.

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