Strobing Class

 Out with the old, in with strobing. Contouring has been the make-up trend that everyone, from professional make-up artists to teenagers learning from Youtube, has been following. But in practice, contouring can be a little challenging. The problem is: where do you get the time to shade, highlight and sculpt properly? Not to worry: strobing, the newest beauty craze, is likely more up your alley.   What’s the difference? Unlike contouring, strobing uses just highlighter applied where light would naturally hit the face to brighten up the complexion. How do I do it? Dab highlighter on cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and lips. For extra oomph, apply it to the center of the forehead, under the eyebrow bone, chin, the inner corners of eyes and the tip of the nose. Why strobing? If contouring has been challenging or way too intimidating, strobing is for you! It really brightens up the face and takes much less work, which means it’s harder to mess up. Any other benefits? Skin won’t feel suffocated by layers and layers of make-up in the summer heat, because you’re only using one extra product. Which celebs have been strobing? A lot of celebrities have gotten on the strobing band wagon. And we totally understand why: with their busy schedules, there’s not always time for full-on contouring. And strobing gives you the best of both worlds. Of course Kim K was one of the firsts to perfect this technique. But sisters Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian, along with Chrissy Teigen, Joan Smalls and Demi Lovato weren’t far behind. Nearly everyone is embracing this new make-up trend. Why don’t you?  

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