Shape It, Style It… like Beckham

Whether ubër short or ultra long, brunette or bleach blond, spiky, plaited or straight, David Beckham’s locks have made him the most famous mane in sports! Since he burst onto the footie scene back as a fresh faced young teen in the mid ’90s until becoming the greatest football legend of all time, the former Manchester United and England star  has  rocked every cut and every style imaginable. We chat to Gilbert Mofubelu, hairstylist at Spoilt Hair & Nails in Greenpoint, Cape Town, and get the inside scoop on how to bend it like Beckham and be on the forefront of fashionable hair.


England captain David Beckham

The Mohawk is one of David’s most famous looks. Shave the side with number zero on your clipper and take it almost all the way up to the top, leaving a thick strip of hair. Cut the top with scissors and shape.

Product: Use a Moroccan Oil Moulding Cream Wax to style the hair. It is a very workable styling cream infused with thickening fibres that create natural-looking texture and definition for multiple styles and will hold the style for longer without leaving any residue.

Expert tip: As trendy as it is, the Mohawk hairstyle doesn’t suite every man. If it’s not the right look for you, rather opt for The Faux Hawk instead. While the Mohawk allows for the displaying of a long-length crest sprouting from a shaved head, the Faux Hawk relies on having a short-length crest running from front to back on the top of a non-shaved head.

Wacky fact! David recently revealed that Sir Alex Ferguson forced him to shave off his famous mohawk hairstyle in the Wembley Stadium toilets! Ferguson was furious when David pitched up at the home of football with the cut ahead of their Charity Shield clash with Chelsea in 2000 and ordered him to get the clippers out before the game. “I was in the dressing room with an hour to go before kick off when Sir Alex Ferguson saw it and made me shave it off,” Beckham recalls. “I said no at first and then I saw his face change very quickly so I went and shaved it off in the toilet. He was very strict.

The Buzz Cut

buzz cut is any of a variety of short hairstyles usually designed with electric clippers. This is one of the easiest Beckham hair styles to copy and it works well for most head shapes and hair types. It is also especially great on gents with thinning hair. Use a number 1-and-1/2 clipper guard and shave your whole head all around until the hair is the same length.

Product: This is a very low maintenance look. Most people don’t really need a styling product but if you have thinning hair you can use Osmo Matte Clay Wax to get rid of shine on the scalp and make the hair look a bit fuller.

The Side Part

This is a classic look. The hair is tapered at the back and sides, blending to a slightly longer top. It can also be quite texturised, as David prefers to wear it, or it can be polished and clean.

Product: Use Night Rider Wax from Kevin Murphy and style as desired. The Wax provides a tough hold and a rough matte texture for short or choppy looks. You can finger comb it or use a brush or a comb to style it with a side parting.

The Blond Suede Head  

Use a number 3 clipper guard to shave the hair so it’s the same length all around and bleach your hair to platinum blond. The colour must look the same and even throughout – no darker or lighter patches.

Product: Use Joico Color Endure Violet Sulfate-Free shampoo and conditioner to prevent the hair from changing colour, and keeping the ‘icy’ colour sassy, not brassy.


While a poll revealed many believe this style was one of David’s ‘fashion fails’ we think it looked great on him. This is a style David sported in 2003 on his visit to South Africa. Section the hair in small rows starting from front all the way to the nape. Cornrow or braid the hair on base to the last tip and secure with transparent hair elastic band.

Product: Use a ghd hair spray to keep the hair in place and to give it a firmer look.

The Pompadour 

Shave the hair back and sides with a number 1 and fade it 1-and-a-1/2 going into a number 2. Leave the hair between five and 12 centimetres long.

Product: Use a blow dryer to get volume on top and then use Kevin Murphy Gritty Business (a blend of Bentonite Clay and Kukui Nut Oil with old fashioned Bee’s Wax) to give it a hold and keep the volume.

Score With These Great Tips

  • Make sure that you get a haircut that suits your face shape before cutting. A professional stylist will advise you on what cut will suite you best.
  • Do not use too much wax as it can leave the hair looking greasy and it can sometimes be difficult to wash it out.
  • Use cleansing shampoo the remove styling products.
  • Use professional products because they hold and make the hair style last longer and the shelf life is longer too.
  • Cornrows shows much better detail on blonde hair so go lighter if you want yours to look as good as David’s.




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