Five Minutes With Nomvuyo From Terenzo Hairdressing

Five Minutes With Nomvuyo From Terenzo Hairdressing

What are the biggest mistakes ethnic women make when it comes to their hair, including styling, maintenance and the choice of style itself? Trying to copy a certain hairstyle they’ve seen in a magazine or on the Internet and forgetting their face shape and skin tone. Both should be taken into consideration.  When it comes to styling your hair some women tend to stick to the same style and are afraid of change, which in turn makes their hair dull. Some women have a problem with maintaining their hair styles because of the products they use, as they tend to put too much product on the hair, which ends up weighing the hair down.

What five classic dos have stood the test of time and why? Braids: They have been around for decades and have been modernised as the years have progressed. Box braids, twisted braids, straight back, straight up – you name it, these styles are still trending even now and will continue to trend. Relaxed hair: This style is perfect for women who don’t want the curl and prefer straighter hair. You can style it as desired and cut it in whichever style you like. Afro: This hair has a natural curl and is perfect for lovers of curly hair. It defines your face. Weaves: Weaves help your hair to have volume and you can do anything on a weave and style it as desired. Wigs: False hair pieces have been around since forever. Some women prefer wigs to protect their natural hair and enable them to change styles at the click of a finger.

Tell us a bit about the timeless bob style – who wears it best and why is it so fashionable? The conventional bob hair cut is shorter, smooth and attractively covers the ears, stopping anywhere between the chin and the shoulders. The simple cut is unchanged, although slight variations of the style have began to make this cut more attractive to the masses.

Insider tips on how to wear the bob best? In the original form of the bob the hair is about chin-long with clearly defined contours. The bob is one of the most popular hair styles in the world because it is so easy to create and maintain. Over the years, the hair length has become more varied and may now range from earlobe- to shoulder-length. This means that you can optimally adapt the style to the proportions of your face. This applies in particular to the newest bob interpretations with bevelled side hair. If your face is more on the long side you should opt for as short bob as possible. This will keep the focus square on your face. Some steps make the cut light and lively (nothing droops). A bob with soft lines works best for chiselled facial contours. A round face looks best with a longer bob cut with little volume on the sides of your face.

What are the best styling products to use on black hair? Wax for definition and hold, workable holding spritz, fast drying foam, heat styling and curling cream, workable high hold gel, setting lotion and heat protecting serum.

What should ethnic women take into consideration when choosing which style to wear their hair? The first and most important thing that needs to be taken into consideration when you are choosing a hairstyle, is going to be your face type. Your hair dresser will be able to recommend the right style for your face type. Another thing that needs to be taken into consideration is going to be the type of fashion that you typically wear. You need to be certain that the hairstyle that you choose is going to adequately match the clothing that you typically wear. For instance, if you wear rock style fashion, you’re likely want to hairstyle that is going to match that fashion, and would not wear something more suited for formal wear. The texture of your hair is going to be a key consideration. Are you looking to keep your curl type? Are you going to be colouring your hair on a regular basis? Consider the amount of time that you want to put into the hairstyle. This includes the amount of time that you want to spend getting your hair cut and styled at the salon, as well is the amount of time that you would like to spend styling it each and every day. Also look into the cost of the haircut. Certain styles, since they require more work, are going to cost you more than others.

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