Is Styling For You?

Is Styling For You?



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By Angela Bekiaris

So you want to become a hairdresser? A stylist that everyone talks about, looks up to and admires? Anyone can cut hair – but not everyone can be a good hairdresser. And while you might have the skill and talent, experts say you need the driving energy to be great in this industry – it’s a passion, it needs enthusiasm, and you need to make sure you’re ready for what it has to offer. We share some tips on the industry and things you should consider if you’re going into the field, or about to start out in the world of hair and everything beautiful.

Ask yourself:

1. Do I really want to become a hairdresser? You will be on your feet for at least eight hours a day, five to six days a week. You have to run around the salon, deal with multiple clients and keep a smile on while doing so. In short, you always need to bring your A-Game.

2. You have to study It’s not just about the creativity in the salon, but about your energy, fabulous attitude and great technical skills – it’s a package which will help you become successful and love every minute of the work you do.

3. Understand the business side Just like any other industry, it’s about learning, growing and making mistakes while you’re at it. That’s the only way you’ll learn – take time to figure out why it happened, learn from it and move forward.

4. Understand the aesthetics Not only is this good for your clientele, but a great way for people to see what you’ve worked on – especially if you’re doing bridal parties and metric dances.

5. Attend shows and conferences Experts say sculptors have to be able to see what they want to produce in a mass of unshaped material. Do you see the style and finished look?


For more tips go to Celeb Styles magazine (Heidi on the cover) pages 90 to 93.

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