Top Five Greatest Beauty Hits

Top Five Greatest Beauty Hits



Iconic celebrity looks throughout the ages

There are some celebrity looks that are engraved in our conscious. From classic beauties to the faces that defined each decade since the fifties, these are the most iconic of inspirational beauty looks. So take some cues from the women who wear their beauty looks well.


  1. Marilyn Monroe

Without a doubt, red lips are the most iconic beauty look ever. And when you think of red lips, who instantly comes to mind? For us it’s the classic Marilyn Monroe. Along with her platinum blonde hair and false lashes, she had her signature old Hollywood look down pat!

Signature Look: Red Lips

Colour Elixir Intensifying Balm In Luscious Red: R109.95, By Max Factor, Clicks


  1. Twiggy

Her most famous look, this make-up is all about the lashes. Whether created with false lashes or liquid or kohl liner, this 60s style is still a winner.

Signature Look: Quirky eyelashes

Dramatic Layered Lashes: R79.95, Eylure


  1. Grace Kelly

Her name says it all. Grace will always be a classic beauty icon. She is said to have used two shades of blusher: a lighter shade on the cheekbone and darker shade in the hollow. Who is not desperate for high cheekbones? Try using a highlighter on your cheekbones and dab above your brows for the ultimate minimalist chic.

Signature Look: Just been pinched cheeks

Baked Cheek Duo: R285, Stila


  1. Diana Ross

Texture, girth and colour vary in the world of afros, but none is more iconic than Diana Ross’ decadent and over the top ‘fro. The Motown diva’s style has such widespread power that even today, forty years later, celebs still follow suit.

Signature Look: Afro Mania

Afro Comb: R29, By Denman, Dis-Chem


  1. Madonna                                                                                                                                          The quintessential Material Girl look: so-bad-it’s-good heavy smoky shadow, messy red lips and a untidy side ponytail. The look that epitomised the eighties: eccentric and unconventional.

Signature Look: Unkempt cool

Traceless Hair Ring: R80 (Each), Invisibobble

For more iconic celebrity looks go to Celeb Styles magazine (Heidi on the cover) pages 82 and 83

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