10 Beauty Essentials

10 Beauty Essentials

Beauty products every woman should own.

With thousands of beauty products on the market, offering the world, it’s almost impossible to know where to start. No one wants to have a morning routine that takes several hours to complete, that’s where Celeb Styles comes in. In a bid to help readers navigate the daunting world of beauty, we have put together a list of our top ten must-haves. So you can avoid the tediousness of trial and error.

1. Moisturiser With SPF

There’s a reason that this is number one. SPF is the single most important step that everyone (not just women) needs in their daily routine. It shields against sun damage and pollution and helps to prevent brown spots and wrinkless. Sun protection should be at the top of your list for a daily moisturiser.


“I am religious about cleansing every morning and every night followed by an SPF 30 day cream.” – Shashi Naido

2. Exfoliator

Exfoliator offer the ultimate boost for dull, tired skin. We all know this, but the newest innovation in exfoliating: powders. Facial polishing powders keep your pores clean and your skin tone looking even, when mixed with a few drops of water or serum.





3. A Good Brush Set

By far the most expensive item on our list, but crucial for every woman, a good quality brush set. If you want your make-up to look like it was don’t by a professional make-up artist, then make use of brushes. And start learning which brushes to use for which products. Make-up professional in the making!


4. Blotting Paper

Even celebrities suffer from the occasional oil slick. A simple fix? Blotting papers. Stay shine free on the go by keeping these in your handbag.


5. Micellar Water

Not a lot of brands have a product like this. Micellar water is a unique cleansing formula that allows you to cleanse skin and remove make-up in one simple step with no need to rinse. It gently removes oil and impurities without stripping the skin of moisture, leaving it perfectly balanced and protected.

We love Cleansing Micellar Water: R79.95, Garnier

6. Frizz Serum

Whether thick or thin, a frizz serum does a great job at keeping your hair looking healthy. For thick hair, use a dime size to tame the whole head. For thin hair, rub an even smaller bit onto the ends to keep them from looking stringy.


7. Eye Cream

Often placed as an afterthought or unnecessary extra, eye creams can sometimes get forgotten in the whirlwind of moisturisers, toners and cleansers. But find a good one and you’ll use it religiously to protect your peepers from the elements and keep early wrinkles at bay.


8. Signature Perfume

Just like every celeb has their own fragrance, you too need a scent that is one hundred percent you. Most of us probably already have one that people compliment us on every time we sprits.

9. A Bold Lip Colour

It’s not only nudes and barely there lip colours that are on trend this summer, but bright and bold too. Put away your deep, dark lipstick and pull out some hot shades to perfect your pout.


10. Primer

This may seem like a useless step when applying make-up, but every make-up artist swears by it and for good reason. A primer gives you a smooth base to start your foundation and we all know make-up is just as good as the base.

Go to Celeb Styles magazine (Heidi Klum on the cover) pages 80 and 81 to see more products.






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