Dermatological Scalp, Hair & Skin Solutions

Do you suffer from?

Psoriasis, dandruff, folliculitis, eczema, ringworm, hair loss, dry, damaged, fine and thinning hair?

If you do, then Mediceu+icals is the product you should be using. Mediceuticals laboratory is a licenced pharmaceutical company specializing in salon dermatological solutions since 1964. The advanced medicated formulas have been clinically and salon tested for optimum performance and safety. For the treatment of specific scalp and hair problems you can use the following products:

THERARX – Anti-Bacterial treatment for skin and scalp is an effective treatment of dandruff and psoriasis it is also suitable for acne, insect bites and soothes sunburn it’s an anti-inflammatory and itch relief.

X-FOLATE – Anti dandruff shampoo which soothes sensitive, red or irritated skin its fragrance, sulphate and paraben free. Climbazole inhibits the fungi that generate dandruff it dries up the excess oils that fuel those fungi and repairs and rebuilds hair and scalp. It reduces redness, itching and inflammation.

HYDROCLENZ – Shampoo for dry hair and scalp it supports the reduction of excessive hair loss and actively stimulates new hair growth and helps to control dry, itch scalp conditions.

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