ibd The Nail People

ibd The Nail People


ibd has been the innovator and leader in the gel category for 40 years. ibd is a trusted product by the professionals and they continue to expand into all categories to offer a full service line of products.

There are over 170 shades offered in gel colour as well as a PowerBond, Base Coat and Top coat. Shades offered in rich, highly pigmented colour in a variety of finishes.

The benefits are:

  • Chip-free for weeks
  • Wears like a classic true gel
  • Provides high-gloss finish
  • Protects natural nails with long-lasting wear
  • Saves times – cures quickly under LED or UV light
  • Soaks off easily in just 10 minutes
  • The top coat provides a high gloss finish

For more information on ibd go to www.twincare.co.za

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