Bonang Matheba: SA Style ICON

Bonang Matheba: SA Style ICON

She’s making waves in SA — and it’s not hard to see why.

We chatted to Afternoon Express presenter Bonang Matheba — without a doubt one of SA’s most beautiful women — about fashion, health and beauty. The 28-year-old television host, radio personality and business woman, is making waves on screen and off.

Tell us about your role as Revlon South Africa Brand Ambassador. My role as Revlon South African Brand Ambassador is to embody the brand by endorsing, providing the brand with credible promotion and visibility. I am greatly involved in all promotions for Revlon, be it TV ads, radio ads, mall activations, etc. Basically I am the face of Revlon SA, meaning I am involved in all they do.

What does beauty mean to you — and have you always been one to wear make-up and have your hair done before leaving home? Beauty is being so happy inside it shows in everything you do, wear and even your face. The glow, the confidence, humbleness just adds up to one beautiful human being. I always leave my house presentable and comfortable. Sometimes I just put foundation, eye-liner and a lip balm and when I am going out for work, I do full-on make up. My hair is always done though — there is no way I can go out with my hair messed up.

Tell us about the MTV Africa Music Awards in Durban, and what you wore. The MAMAs were put together so nicely and the atmosphere and vibe in Durban was also amazing. I loved my two outfits by the one and only Gert–Johan Coetzee. I was wearing the black jumpsuit with a cape for the red carpet and a red dress for the awards show. I also wore all my Revlon products.

What are your health and fitness secrets? I really don’t have any secrets, I just try by all means to eat healthy, keep away from carbs and sugar and drink a lot of water. Luckily I do not have any weight issues so that just makes things easier for me.

Who inspires you in the fashion world? I get my fashion inspiration from a lot of people, it is never from one person. I love Zendaya’s fashion sense — her style is very fearless, unique and classy. I love almost everything she puts on. Rihanna also challenges the norm.

Do you feel a lot of pressure being in the limelight? I have learnt not to pressurise myself, and also not allow myself to be bullied by the ‘limelight’. I just do what I have to do and keep my life private. All those who want to speculate should, someone has to do it. I am in love with my job — the limelight is just part of it.

When it comes to your hair, which styles do you love most and how do you keep your tresses looking fabulous? Every hairstyle I have on means I really love it. I love my Malaysian straight weave, lace bounce coil wig and braids — aka locks and tresses. As much as I love the braids, most campaigns I do require weaves hence it is not all the time you see me with them. So when I go on vacation, I usually rock them as they are so easy to maintain.

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