Beauty Secrets Of A Living Legend – Angelina Jolie

Beauty Secrets Of A Living Legend – Angelina Jolie

By Vanessa Papas

At the age of 40, Angelina Jolie is still undoubtedly one of the most elegant and stylish leading ladies of this era. Whether spending time with her kids at the park in jeans and a T-shirt, watching the game with hubby Brad wearing a baseball cap and without any make-up, or dazzling on the red carpet in a designer gown with her locks in an elegant up do, Angelina is known for her iconic fashion sense and unique eye for beauty.

Skin: Always fresh faced, Angelina’s porcelain complexion is the envy of women across the globe. Angelina swears by dermatologist David Colvert in New York City, whose been taking care of all her skin needs since the pair were first introduced in 2010. David is behind a high-tech facial designed to energise ones complexion in just days. His signature ‘Triad Facial’ (close to R12 000 per session), is a three-step microdermabrasion-laser toning-peel treatment Angie swears by. There’s little to no downtime of the treatment, which is perfect for the actress’s hectic schedule. As for scents, Angie prefers clean, masculine fragrances and is known to wear Carolina Herrerra’s  Herrerra for Men since she was sixteen. She also wears Bvlgari Black and Creed Love in White.

Golden Nugget: Angelina believes less is more when it comes to daily skin care and steers away from harsh soaps and cleaning products. She doesn’t advocate going under the knife and is famous for shunning plastic surgeons and opting for natural beauty instead. 

Make-Up: Although she doesn’t like heavy make-up and prefers going al natural, Angelina is still the master of the black winged cat eye and red pouty lips.  According to Tim Schmidt, founder of SkinPro and one of Angie’s make-up artists, the starlet always puts on heavy sunscreen and takes extra special care in moisturising her skin with a tinted moisturiser. Other than that, a simple, foundation of light-to-medium coverage and a sweep of translucent powder and Angie is good to go. “She prefers to look clean and natural, rather than like a pancake,” says Tim. “And to prove that even these people can make huge mistakes in their appearance, for some inexplicable reason, when Jolie appeared to support her husband at the premiere of The Normal Heart, she had patches of powder on her face. Was that an oversight, or simply something that occurred due to haste? No matter what the reason was, it is a clear indication that things can go wrong for celebrities as well. Especially this over powdering has been observed with many celebrities on various occasions.”

Hair: From a pixie-crop to long retro curls, to platinum blonde and Morticia Adams-like black extensions, Angelina’s hair colour, style and cut is forever changing. Trust Angie to break all the hair rules in the book and still look amazing. Angelina entrusts her locks to Lorri Goddard, one of Hollywood’s biggest hair colourists and currently the title colourist at the Rossano Ferretti Salon on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills. According to Lorri, Angelina washes and conditions her hair with Aveda products and uses Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment  to keep her hair sleek, shining and healthy. She loves blonde highlights, especially in summer, and wearing her hair in elegant up-dos, teased in the front or back for height, slicked back, or loose. Photos snapped of Angie on holiday with Brad recently show a head of caramel infused milk chocolate locks.

Golden Nugget: It’s possible Angie may use full or partial clip-ins to add volume but she’s never admitted to this.

Body: Angelina has always been passionate about martial arts not only as a practice but also as a form of keeping in shape. She used to do yoga and Pilates  but nowadays prefers kickboxing workouts to create strength in her hips and thighs and burns calories. She owes her perfect derriere and slim pins to weekly circuit training, which she alternates with about 30 to 45 minutes of high-intensity cardio, like running or jumping rope, three times a week. She’s very careful about her diet and swears by steamed fish, vegetables and soymilk. She also loves to eat healthy veggie soup and raw salads. She follows a strict diet when she wants to put muscle on for movies. During filming of Tomb Raider, she worked on achieving a more athletic look by eating a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that included a lot of water and steamed veggies.

Golden Nugget: Angelina adds crickets to her diet.  According to The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation eating bugs is healthy because they contain lots of nutrients. Yum!

Style: Defined in two words

— fashion evolution — Angelina’s style has gone from vampish goth to elegant leading lady. Some of her favourite designers include French fashion house BCBG Max Azria, who designed a light moss floor-length gown for a then heavily pregnant with twins Angie for the premiere of Kung Fu Panda in Cannes; Ellie Saab, who dressed Angie for the 17th Sarajevo Film Festival in an orange gown, with thigh-high slit, loose draped shape and three quarter length sleeves; and of course, her favourite of the lot, Atelier Versace, who designed Angie’s gown for the 2012 golden globes. The cream asymmetric dress with a slash of red across the neck and thigh slit is still talked about today in fashion circles.

Golden Nugget: For her wedding to Brad in August 2014, Angelina called on her favourite label, Versace, to make her gown. The white silk-satin dress was gathered at the bust with elongated train, detailed with the embroidered drawings of her children that got reproduced also on the silk veil. Angie accessorised the stunning creation by wearing a pair of white Versace silk satin pumps.


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