Hair To Dye For

Hair To Dye For


By Vanessa Papas

Want to colour your world but worried hair colourants can cause cancer? We explore whether there is any truth to the rumour.



There is nothing more gorgeous than locks drenched in deep, rich colour from fire engine red and spicy plum to mocha brown and cobalt black. Changing your hue is one of the easiest and quickest ways of expressing your playful and artistic side. Think Balayage, ombres, two-tone hair colour variations, dip-dyes and highlights. With so many different colour options to choose from you’ll be itching to colour your world. But before you head to your favourite salon and make the change, you should know the possible health risks involved. We chat to the Anisha Patel, owner of Midori eco Hair & Beauty Salon, based in Green Park, Sandton – an Eco Park that promotes green living to find out if there’s any truth in the rumour that hair dye can cause cancer. People are attracted to hair dye for a vast number of reasons including grey coverage, enhancing natural tones and of course for a permanent or temporary different tone to your natural colour. Colour, if done correctly, has the ability to improve hair condition, as well as highlight your natural complexion.


To read the full truth on hair colourants go to Celeb Styles magazine, Giuliana on the cover pages 26 to 29.

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