A Lost Cause?

A Lost Cause?

Over 50% of male and female salon clients are concerned with hair loss. If you’re one of them, this article is for you!



After the arrival of daughter Harper, Victoria Beckham’s hair was at an all time loss. Within weeks of giving birth her locks had fallen out in clumps. Despite trying various hair loss remedies and  supplements, the queen of posh was forced to go short. While Vic’s hair has fortunately grown back healthy and strong, many women across the globe are forced to suffer the effects of hair loss. While some cases of hair loss are normal (healthy heads lose around 100 hairs a day), there are various reasons why hair falls out. We count down 20 of the most common and get expert advice on how to reverse the damage.

By Vanessa Papas

Turn to page 54 to 57 for 20 most common problems.

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