The Ombre Revolution

The Ombre Revolution

The Ombre is still one of the hottest hair colour trends. The technique is a great way to still have great colour but without the high maintenance. During winter most of us opt to change our locks to a darker more natural look but with Ombre you can still have gorgeous golden locks without having to retouch your roots. Hollywood stars such as Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba and Penelope Cruz have all embraced the Ombre look and opting for subtle changes, depending on the season. The Ombre look is here to stay so whether you choose caramels, platinum blonde or natural tones of brown – OWN the Ombrelook!

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Turn to pages 26 and 27 in Celeb Styles – May/June, 2014 (Kim Kardashian) for more.

 By Letitia Herold

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