July/August 2015 Magazine

There is nothing better than cuddling up over a hot cup of chocolate and either flipping through Celeb Styles online
or if you have subscribed to the printed version then paging through the high-quality pages of our magazine.
The printed version is a FREE magazine if you haven’t had a copy yet, then drop me a mail on andrea@apcpublishers.co.za and I will make sure you get added to our mailing list. We all love colour, but are you a creative person to change your style like either Kelly Osbourne or Nicole Richie on page 12 or are you more of a natural colour person, being it blonde, brunette or love gorgeous chocolate tones for winter? We have also beautiful afro styles in this issue – turn to pages 27 to 39 to see the gorgeous hairstyles, no matter what your colour preference is, we are sure you will find a style and colour that suits you in this edition.

In this issue we got 20 expert advice tips on why people suffer from hair loss on pages 54 to 57. With there being a chill in the air you sometimes really just want to stay inside – we are here to the rescue as we give you 35 ways to looking and feeling fab from pages 62, also we recommend certain supplements on page 66.We also take a look at what hairstyle will suit your age from page 8 and of course, we see what styles our favourite stars are wearing.

Celeb Styles is a FREE magazine that gets delivered to salons. If you are not on our mailing list let us know so that you can share our magazine with our clients as it has over 100 hairstyles for them to choose from.

We also like to brag about salons and what your stylists are up to, so let us know.


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