Fun Hair Facts

Fun Hair Facts

With so many jokes about blondes being stupid, redheads being fiery, what‟s said about brunettes? We take a peek at some crazy but true facts about redheads, blondes and of course brunettes. .

Did you know?…….. REDHEADS

  • In ancient Egypt, red hair was seen as unlucky and red-haired girls were burnt alive.
  • Throughout history red heads were viewed as untrustworthy, mischievous, temperamental and lustful.

Did you know?…. BLONDES

  • On average have around 110 000 strands of hair
  • Just two percent of the world‟s population is naturally blonde.
  • In Ancient Rome, it‟s been said that women tried to dye their hair blonde with pigeon dung.
  • In Renaissance Venice, they used horse urine to dye their hair blonde.

Did You Know?…. BRUNETTES

  • On average have around 140 000 strands of hair.
  • Brunette and black hair are the most dense and toughest varieties of follicles.
  • Brown hair is the second most common human hair colour after black hair.

Turn to pages 52 and 53 in Celeb Styles – May/June, 2014 (Kim Kardashian) for more.

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