March/April 2015 Magazine

This is our 6th edition of Celeb Styles magazine and we love chatting to stylists and sharing their creative ideas with our readers. In this edition we have interviewed some very interesting people, the first one being Maor Zabar who is a talented designer. His uniqueness brings joy to people’s lives by creating handmade hats. But these hats aren’t like your average hat, they are bright and colourful and what makes them so different is that they are individually created for what their clients want.

Turn to pages 10 to 15 to see his creations; my favourite would have to be the hat with the picnic spread on page 11. Your matric dance and wedding day are two days that will stay with you forever. In this issue we feature beautiful hairstyles and vintage hair accessories on pages 16 to 19 then on pages 20 to 27 some fabulous matric or wedding hairstyles. Before your special day, make sure you go for a trial run with your hair as you don’t want to be disappointed on your big day.

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